You may not pay much attention to the one major appliance that is responsible for keeping you comfortable at home. That’s understandable. It’s not very attractive so it’s usually hidden in a closet, in a corner of the basement, or in the garage. But don’t neglect the maintenance of this most important machine. Something as simple as a plugged filter can cause your air conditioner or furnace to stop working, and that could mean a service call and possibly even costly repairs, which could have been avoided. You wouldn’t go a year without an oil change on your car, so why skip regular maintenance on your HVAC system? Just like an oil change, regular maintenance can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, extend the life of the equipment, and prevent costly breakdowns. We get it, it’s easy to forget something you don’t see every day but, you do use it every day so, don’t neglect your comfort! #YourComfortStartsHere

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