Did you know? Installing a GeoComfort system in your home is equivalent to planting a full acre of trees.

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“Going Green” is important these days, and Signature has ways to help you do that!

We have many years of experience in Geothermal system installation and service in Springfield and Southwest Missouri.

GeoComfort’s Geothermal system is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home. The system works by using the relative stability of the ground’s temperature to heat and cool homes and businesses. In comparison to conventional heating and air conditioning systems, Geothermal units use 40% to 70% less energy!

How does it work? Geothermal systems don’t burn fuel to produce heat; they collect and distribute heat from the earth. Because the earth absorbs and stores close to half of the sun’s solar energy, it stays at a relatively stable temperature of 45 to 70 degrees F, at a depth of only six feet. Geothermal wells tap into this energy and distribute it into your home.

The loop system, used in the winter, is a set of pipes that are used to carry the heat, compress, and circulate it into the home therefore raising the inside temperature.

Reversing the process creates a cooling effect, as the heat is drawn from the home and sent back into the loop to eventually be absorbed by the earth.

Here is a diagram of how the system works…

If you are thinking of building a home, or if you want to update your older, inefficient equipment, give us a call to see if Geothermal is the right choice for you!

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