Pollen doesn’t only cause health problems for people, it can also affect your HVAC system. Pollen affects the efficiency of your HVAC system and can cause low air quality in your home. Signs of low air quality include a musty smell, more dust appearing than usual and respiratory issues like sneezing and difficulty breathing. When your HVAC system is not regularly maintained, it makes it easier for pollen to enter. Pollen can enter many ways including dirty filters or through a buildup of dust/debris. This buildup puts a lot of strain on your HVAC system and ultimately shortens the lifespan of it, which can end up costing you lots of money down the road. Keeping up with maintenance regularly and checking your filter will keep the air quality in your home high and keep you a step ahead of allergy season. Call Signature Home Comfort at (417)862-3410 or click here for maintenance and questions concerning your indoor air quality

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