Q: Why is the thermostat screen is blank?


Try changing the batteries. If that doesn’t work, or if your thermostat doesn’t take batteries, give us a call. There may be a wiring issue between the thermostat and the unit or the thermostat may need to be replaced.

Q: Why is my A/C not working?


There are many reasons why your air conditioner may not be working.  Make sure that the filters are clean, and check that the outdoor breaker is on. Your unit could also be low on refrigerant therefore the air coming from the system cannot be cooled.  Not all problems can be diagnosed at first glance, if your having problems with your air conditioner we can help, give us a call!

Q: My filter is dirty, does that matter?


Yes. A plugged filter can cause all kinds of problems, it overworks the blower on your indoor unit which can cause the unit to over heat or freeze up into a block of ice. Filters should be changed about every three months depending on the size and type of filter.

Q: My pilot light is out, how do I light it?


Each furnace is different, some pilots light automatically while others have a gas valve that allows to you to depress a button to release gas and light the pilot.  Check the operation manual of your furnace for proper lighting instructions. If your having trouble lighting the pilot yourself, or if the pilot won’t stay lit, we can help.  Sometimes the parts that supply the gas can become dirty or malfunction.  Our 24-hour emergency service line allows you to call anytime, day or night for help.

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