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Friday the 13th….became a good day

“I just wanted to say thank you for the great job. I woke up to freezing cold home. I had just bought this entire furnace a year and a half ago…..so I was alarmed when I found my house was super cold and yet the thermostat said I had it set at 71 degrees. I called a friend, Sara Ivaska. She told me to call Justin. I did and not only did you all take my call the first time I dialed, but Andrew was at my house by 11am. the pricing was great. The service was great. Andrew’s personality was very honest and of a service nature. I’m very happy. I will definitely use you all again. The company that installed my furnace is now since out of business. ……I am not surprised . Thank you! P.S. I am a single mom of 2, I run my own business, so I really value good service and honesty.”

– Laura G. (Feb 2015)

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