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The Importance of Filters

When you do your spring cleaning this year, don’t forget the furnace filter. There are many benefits to keeping your furnace filter clean. Not only does it lengthen the life of the furnace and the components, it also increases energy efficiency and keeps dust and dirt from circulating over and over throughout the home.

Most industry professionals recommend replacing the filter every one to three months depending on the type of filter.  Washable filters can be washed and dried multiple times before needing to be replaced. Poly or pleated filters are disposable, and can be discarded and replaced once the filter is dirty. High-efficiency filters with a high MERV rating may only need to be replaced once per year or as needed.

It is also important to have your heating and air system cleaned and checked annually by a professional. Equipment manufacturers recommend this service and in some cases require it, otherwise voiding the warranty. Signature Home Comfort offers an annual program to check the air conditioner in the spring and the furnace in the fall. The program consists of a 15-point inspection which includes checking the filtration system.

It’s been a warmer spring than usual this year, but it’s not too late to have your air conditioner checked if you’ve already turned it on. Call us today to schedule a spring service on your cooling system.

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