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In the ZONE

If you have a split-level or basement home, you might wonder what you can do to make the air temperature more even throughout all the levels. The basement stays cooler than the rest of the house and the upstairs feels warmer than the thermostat setting on the main level. There is an answer, it’s called zoning.

Zoning is exactly what it sounds like. Using motorized dampers, a zone control, and separate thermostats, we can split your house up into zones.  This is an option instead of having separate equipment and ductwork for each level, you can use the one system you currently have to move the air more evenly.

Zoning can help eliminate all the varying temperatures in multi-level home. Because really the only place that reads the same temperature as the thermostat, is at the thermostat.

Click or call us today for an estimate to add a zone system to your home!

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