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A Firm Customer Bond

“We are approaching the one year anniversary of the installation of our new York heating and air conditioning system. I am very much impressed with the performance of these units and wanted to let you know. We did not buy the highest efficiency unit available, instead opting for a 95.5% efficient furnace and a 14.1 SEER air conditioner. Our decision was guided by cost and the desire to install Energy Star compliant units.

Our old system at times would run all day (literally) to produce a 2 or 3 degree change in the temperature of the house and the new system might run a total of 20 minutes to achieve the same change. We are on level pay with City Utilities, and, thanks to the efficiency of the new systems, have amassed a $500 credit against our bill JUST SINCE THE SYSTEM WAS INSTALLED. To my way of thinking, this is absolutely amazing.

You and the folks at Signature were absolutely fantastic to work with. First, your analysis of our need was right on the money, as evidence by the savings the system is providing. The installation was neat and professional and done in minimal time. We have had a service call since installation, and even this was handled promptly and efficiently. During that call, a couple of system “tweaks” were found to be necessary, and Signature handled those revisions without hesitance and professionally as well.

I think it is safe to say that your organization’s performance has created a firm customer bond with us, and rest assured that Signature will be called upon for all future system and service needs.

Please feel free to pass this on to other customers. You will get my highest recommendation.”

– George Mendenhall (June 7, 2010)

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