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Get Better Air Flow – Take a walk to your thermostat

Have you ever noticed that some rooms in your house are different temperatures than others? That your basement is cooler and your upstairs warmer than the rest of the home? Here’s a tip that can help rid the house of those unbalanced areas.

Turn your fan from the “Auto” to “On” position at the thermostat.

The fan that pushes and pulls the heat in the winter and coolness in the summer, throughout your home is located inside the furnace. When in the “Auto” position, the fan only kicks on when the furnace or air conditioner runs. When in the “On” position, it will run constantly, and has positive effects on your home besides the one mentioned above.

Not only will leaving the fan on help distribute temperatures evenly throughout the house; it will also filter the air by returning the stale air in your home to the furnace, where it passes through the filters and then circulates back out the vents as fresh air. This can help eliminate dust and other particles that float through the air in your home on a regular basis; it’s an inexpensive whole-house filtration system.

And for those of us who like a little background or “white noise” at night while we sleep, leaving the fan on can provide just the right amount of constant sound. Who knows, after reading this blog you just might sleep better!

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