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Come Show Joey Your Support!

Come help us begin construction of Joey’s House !

When:         June 3rd, 2010, at 11 AM

Where:      Steve and Tamara Nelson’s Residence – 8022 E. Farm Road 2, Fair Grove

Please join the Nelson family and Heart 2 Heart Outreach Ministries as we put shovel to dirt and break ground to build a home for this dedicated family to provide a home that is accessible for their son.

Joey’s debilitating disease means that he requires handicap accessible housing.  Many generous people in the community of Fair Grove,  Heart to Heart Outreach Ministries, and businesses in the surrounding communities have come together to build a house for a family who has been burdened with medical expenses related to Joey’s needs.


We realize everyone is busy, but it is our hope you will be able to make time in your schedule to be a part of this ceremony.  We are looking forward to sharing this joyous beginning with Joey.

Come show Joey your support!

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