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Acronym Lesson 1: AFUE

In the HVAC industry we use all kinds of acronyms…hence HVAC. Some of these abbreviations may mean nothing to you as the homeowner, but for the next few days we want to let you know the importance of some of the most commonly used in the industry.  Abbreviations such as AFUE, SEER, and BTU are important to you as the homeowner when it comes to evaluating your old equipment, and will help you decide what to purchase when replacing it.

AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), is used to measure the heating efficiency of a furnace and is represented in a percentage. When you see that a furnace is 95% efficient, that means it’s AFUE is 95%.

So what exactly does that mean? AFUE is the measurement of how much heat is delivered to the house compared to the amount of fuel supplied to the furnace. Example, a 95% efficient furnace sends 95% of the supplied fuel into the home as heat, and only 5% is lost into the exhaust.

Bottom line… the higher the AFUE percentage, the more efficient the furnace. High efficiency units translate into energy savings and lower utility bills. It’s important and worth knowing when it comes time to replace that old, inefficient system. It may also help to know that most local energy companies, including City Utilities, offer rebates that will offset the cost of high efficiency systems.

The timing is right, and now you know your stuff! So click or call Signature Home Comfort today for an estimate on a new, high efficiency system for your home or business.

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