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Aren’t you most COMFORTable when something fits just right?

An HVAC system that is sized improperly can result in you being uncomfortable in your home, higher utility bills, and may lessen the life expectancy of the equipment, just to name a few.

We get a lot of calls from people wanting estimates to replace their heating and/or cooling system. Some people who call us want an estimate right when they call, over the phone. Although there are companies out there who will do this, we won’t and here’s why; your comfort is our reputation.

Not every home is alike; two homes with the same square footage may have different sized rooms, different number of rooms, different number of air supply ducts per room, and different number and size of windows per room. We have a software system that allows us to input this and much more information to get a load calculation that will tell us exactly what size of system your home needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

Our estimates are free, and it only takes about 30 minutes for our sales professional to get the information needed to size your system. Although you may think it’s convenient to get an estimate over the phone, it’s risky. Nothing beats having a trained professional survey your home to customize a system just for you.

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  1. […] When you call our shop for an estimate, we will set up an appointment for Justin (sales manager) to meet you at your home and acquire the information needed to give you a bid that meets your exact needs. […]

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