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Filling up your refrigerant every summer?

If every summer you have to fill up the refrigerant in your system before it will cool, you may have a leak.

Some of the common signs that your unit is losing refrigerant are:

  • warm air coming through the vents
  • water around the bottom of the furnace
  • ice on the outdoor unit and/or line sets

Ideally, your system should never lose significant amounts of refrigerant. Air conditioners do not consume refrigerant, instead the system should be sealed air-tight so that none of it can escape.  When it does however, there could be major problems. Not only does refrigerant release cause harmful depletion to the ozone, it means your system is not running as efficiently and effectively as it should.

Causes of a refrigerant leak could be a number of things:

  • loose or bad shrader valves
  • worn out capillary tubes
  • filter dryers
  • holes in the line sets
  • deteriorating coil(s)

You will need a Certified HVAC technician to diagnose which one of these parts, if any are the source of the leak.  Our Service Technicians have specialized tools and training to locate any leaks quickly and efficiently.

If your air conditioner shows any of the signs above, click or call to schedule an appointment. Don’t wait until the hottest day of the year, if you know you have these problems every summer call us now.

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