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Installing a Ground Source System

“We decided about a year ago to investigate the possibility of installing a Ground Source Heating/Cooling system and went to the 2009 Home Show and talked with several companies.  I also talked with our utility supplier to find out if they had particular recommendations.  From these discussions, we invited four companies to visit our home to recommend equipment and provide a bid.  We did not make a rapid decision, because we also wanted to make sure that we were able to take advantage of any and all rebates and tax credits. During this time, we also took into consideration the way the companies treated us during the process.

After dealing with all of the companies, Signature Home Comfort provided us the timely answers to our questions and concerns and they also did not “hound” us about making a decision.  The level of response was noted from our Sales Rep., Justin Kellogg, to the owners of the company.  After all of this deliberation, we engaged Signature Home Comfort to install the GeoComfort, Ground Source Heat Pump in the fall of last year and would have to say that we feel it has been a great decision.  The employees of the company were timely, friendly, and thorough.  They replaced our duct work and installed the new system in a very timely and professional manner.  We are very pleased with the system and the noise level is very minimal.  There is no longer an outside unit, so the outdoor noise it totally gone.”

-Don White (March 23, 2010)

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